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The Friday Interview: Natasha Gajewski, Founder of Symple App

Symple is an intelligent symptom journal for iPhone. By tracking symptoms, you are able to provide your doctor with more detailed information that may help diagnosis.Especially so when getting a doctor’s appointment can take a while and they ask you to recall everything from memory – which can result in quite fuzzy ‘data’.

We caught up with Natasha Gajewski, Founder of Symple App, to find out what the app is all about, why it was created and what is next for the company.

PH: What made you decide to create an app?

NG: I started making Symple when I was a patient. My doctor kept asking me for very specific changes in my symptoms because my diagnosis and treatment were unclear clinically. My symptom experience helped her zero in on the proper diagnosis and drugs, particularly as two of the drugs were counter indicated for each diagnosis. As a patient with two young children (and conditioned to be stoic and not dignify my symptoms), it was hard to answer her questions. So I looked for an app that would help me do that. There wasn’t one, so I started building Symple.

PH: How do people use Symple app?

NG: Today, our 60,000 users are using the app to have a more informed conversation with their doctors. Our Doctor’s Report gets quite a workout. These early adopters are using the app to better explain what’s happening between office visits.

PH: How are you helping share the data with doctors?

NG: We’re paying attention to the API frameworks published by EMRs (such as Epic, mentioned at WWDC) to help this data flow into the patient’s record.

PH: What is the benefit to patients?

NG: Most stories, from patients, seem to revolve around how they are using Symple in helping their doctors refine their treatment plans, especially around medications.

PH: What is next for the app?

NG: The app currently stores the data on the device only. We’re in the process of creating a cloud backup and an opt-in to share data. We can’t wait to see what various diseases and conditions really feel like in the real world, not just the end points that are tracked because they’re deemed important in a clinical trial. We’re thinking about co-morbidities, the role of activity and social frameworks in alleviating pain…that sort of thing. We’re thinking about the meta data that surrounds patients, data that have substantial but unmeasured impact on quality of life scores.

Download Symple App from the App Store.

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