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iHealth releases its new activity tracker: Edge

iHealth, the California-based subsidiary of the Chinese Andon Health, has announced the release of its new activity tracker, simply called Edge. The new device can be worn on the wrist or clipped to the users clothing and will track steps, distance and sleep efficiency.

This is iHealth’s second generation of tracker, with the previous rather chunky attempt feeling more like an attempt to simply get the device to market. With fierce competition in the world of tracking devices, the new Edge tracker looks far more like something that could compete.

Interestingly, iHealth opted for a rechargeable battery in the Edge, where before it had an astonishing 3 year battery life claim! But where the Edge really is stepping up to the mark is in its automatic switching from activity to sleep – so no more remembering to push a button just before you go to bed! It is also waterproof to around 50m, so perfect for all those swimmers out there.

The Edge will feed data into iHealth’s existing MyVitals app and is expected to cost around $70. We will hope to get out hands on one soon, so watch this space for a full review.


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