Darma Smart Cushion

Is Darma about to revolutionise sitting?

Well probably not, but the Kickstarter campaign for the ‘first smart cushion’ has 10 days to go and has already received 5 times its funding goal – so it must be doing something right. The cushion from Darma will apparently be able to monitor your posture, sitting habits, stress level and then coach you to sit better. As someone with a chronically bad back, but elects to sit at a desk all day and is as he types slumped on a sofa, the idea of this really is very appealing.

Darma is named after Bodhidharma, the father of Zen and meditation, and has the goal of bringing wisdom to everyday sitting, through data and technology. The seat pad uses uses novel sensor technology and algorithms to collect data and then offer tangible guidance to the user, and as it learns more about the user’s habits it can offer things like stand-up reminders, posture advice and tailored stretching guidance. It does this through the apps available for Android, iOS or your PC.

The earliest we’re likely to see these on a seat near you is July 2015, but if you want to see more or even back them yourself you can find out more at their Kickstarter page (here).

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