Microsoft enters the tracker market with ‘Band’

Following the news of new trackers from Fitbit and iHealth in the last week, Microsoft have now entered the fitness tracking band marketplace with the launch of it’s own band called…well…Band! The device has a colour display and syncs with a variety of different phones (not just Windows). However, the biggest news is probably that it is clearly trying to merge the smartwatch and tracker worlds with it’s host of different notifications available including: Text messages, calls, calendar, email, Facebook, Twitter, the weather and also ‘smart notifications’ (so you can choose which of these you do and don’t get!).

There are also links with RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal and Gold’s Gym (apparently!) baked in launch, but we’ll hope this is expanded in time too(as always seems to be the case with new devices and services). running on Bluetooth 4.0, the data syncs to your phone in the background, so Microsoft Band is always up to date, but we assume there will be the option to opt out of this to save battery life. On which topic it looks like there is a bit of a shock…just 48 hours of expected battery life, which doesn’t seem that long for a tracker, but probably about par for the course for a smartwatch with so many features built in.

As ever, we are trying to get our hands on a device to try out for ourselves, so watch this space (and eep your fingers crossed for us)!


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