Jawbone UP3

Jawbone launches 2 new trackers – meet the UP Move and UP3

Another week means another new group of trackers hits the market, this time from Jawbone with the launch of the UP Move and UP3. However, far from replacing the existing devices it’s thought that the new pair are hoped to build out the range and take on some of the more recent competitors to market. Going on price alone as a guide, at the low-end there’s the UP Move at $49.99 (£39.99) and at the high-end there’s the all-singing, all-dancing UP3 priced at $179.99 (£149.99). This will allos the current UP ($80) and UP24 ($130) to fill the middle ground.

In terms of features, they have all the same movement trackers we’ve come to expect from the Jawbone products, but at the higher end the UP3 also has a wealth of new sensors (some of which you won’t find anywhere else). For example, you can now track your heart rate, galvanic skin response, respiration rate and temperature (both skin and ambient).


Another big upgrade in the UP3 is sleep, so you can now 3 different stages of sleep (REM, light and deep) to give your a more detailed understanding of your night. This couples with Jawbone’s new Smart Coach system, which offers insight, suggestions and tracks your goals to improve your daily life. The more you tell it about your activity, sleep and eating habits, the more it can suggest changes to your routine.

The second device from Jawbone is the UP Move, its shot at the lower-end entry level of the market. This means that the functionality the Move offers is relatively basic, but tracking includes steps, exercise activities and calories burned, plus information about your sleep. So for someone just dipping a toe into the world of the quantified self for the first time, it still offers a start without the £100+ price tag for the higher-end devices. Interestingly, the Move also sees a switch for Jawbone to the use of a watch battery, which it believes will last around 6 months – a marked increase in my own UP needing to be charged weekly!

We’re hoping to get a closer look at these new devices in the coming months, so watch this space for reviews and more news.


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