After nearly 3 years of running Pixel Health, I have decided to step down and focus on other things and be a little less busy.

I first created this site to talk about the quantified self-movement, back in 2012, before evolving the editorial focus into digital health, which the lifeblood of our content today.

In that time I have tried out every activity tracker and connected health device known to quantified man. I am still obsessed with digital health and hope to see it enter the healthcare system within the next few years.

But I am going to leave the documenting of this health revolution to Pixel Health’s excellent Editor, Tim Bond, who has been Co-Editor since 2013.

I will still be on Twitter, actively reading and sharing articles from Pixel Health, so if you want to chat, find me @davidjmclare.

Keep on reading, you’re in good hands!

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