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The BabaSling is a new way to carry your little bundle of joy in a variety of different ways. At first glance it might not look like a very techie or revolutionary product, but just a quick flick through the instructions reveals the depth of thought and planning that has gone into the sling. The hammock-style baby sling is perfectly shaped to support a newborn’s developing spine and with over five other positions to carry baby that all encourage  their development too, the sling was a really interesting idea (and alternative to the torture device that most parents will recognise as the BABYBJÖRN).


The BabaSling is designed to carry babies and toddlers from newborn through to 2 years or more, with a weight guide of 7.7lbs-33lbs (3.5kg-15kg), and because it’s a sling it fits anyone and is really easy to adjust. There are five official carry positions in the guide you get with the sling, but online you can find instruction videos for these and a couple more that I found very helpful indeed. Two of the standard positions enable mum to breastfeed too, although I naturally was not able to test this personally! Something that I never really thought about before I had baby Bond was washing and tumble drying everything you own on shoe notice (post aggressive evacuation, for example – while trying not to be too graphic). Well the Babasling can be washed at 40⁰C and ironed to dry, but not tumble dried. From my own experience it will hand dry relatively quickly thought, but more on that later.

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I was interested to see how secure the BabaSling felt, considering the simplicity compared to its main competitor that is covered is straps and clips. I was happy to find that once baby was in she felt safe and like I could go about by chores around the house with her on me. However, I already mentioned the great videos the team have created online and I felt I needed these to fully understand how to put the baby in the sling. We also found that baby Bond was not a big fan of facing in from a very early age, so using any sort of carrier that didn’t hold her facing out was a big no no. This meant we had to wait a little while to fully try out the BabaSling regularly.

'Little Joey' position

‘Little Joey’ position

However, once she was big enough to be carried facing out (in the ‘Little Joey’ pose for those interested) we found the BabaSling was an invaluable addition to the family. It allowed us to very quickly pop her into a carrier to ferry her and all the bags down to the car or into the house, which you don’t want to do in a car seat (or anything else) once they’re over a stone and you live up a flight of stairs! The only minor issue we had was with some ‘leakage’ when carrying her around IKEA, which I suspect may have been down to the cross legged position baby Bond was in the sling, but a quick change in the loo, a soak and wash once we got home and the sling was back into the rotation a few days later.


The BabaSling will set you back around £40, which is about par for the course of many baby carriers and a little less than the BABYBJÖRN. For a well-built and sturdy sling this felt about right and the thought that’s gone into the product makes at a valuable addition to any baby household in my books.


When you’re having a baby you’ll find 101 people, businesses and books telling you you must buy this or mustn’t waste your money on that, so I don’t want to add to the confusion too much. Overall, the BabaSling well made and thought out product, it’s very useful to have but if I’m being 100% honest it’s not an essential. If you’re only going to have one baby carrier I would probably prefer something that is a little more secure and forgive it for being more complicated to put on. However, having said that I would recommend this to anyone that asked me as an addition to their range of baby-related paraphernalia as it really is a helpful thing to have and I wouldn’t want to go back to a life where we didn’t have it in the house!


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