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5 apps to help you become an MMA fighter

Drew Griffiths

Drew Griffiths

Ever wanted to have a body like a pro MMA fighter? Then you’ll have to train like one and in this article, Drew Griffiths from the BlackBeltWhiteHat blog offers his top 5 apps to help you get there.

Well you’ll probably need to go to California or Brazil to do that.  Having said that however; with a bit of self-motivation and discipline you can certainly become an outstanding weekend-warrior. Thanks to modern technology and the folks at Foxconn (Google it), it’s never been easier to organise and plan out your training sessions.  You can even watch a Rocky training montage on YouTube if your motivation is the limiting factor in your MMA progression.

Here are some apps to look out for:

Ring Timer

To build MMA fitness, you need to make your fitness training specific to MMA; this includes training in intervals or rounds. Especially if you have an upcoming fight.  Ring timers used to cost over £100 to buy new. Nowadays, although you do have to get somewhat ripped off buying an iPhone that will be out of date in 6 weeks, you can get some cool free apps, such as the round timer by plain and simple software.

Tababta Interval Timer

You’ve heard of Tabata intervals, right? Well either way, if you do them, you’ll increase your ‘anaerobic capacity’; something fundamental to MMA fitness. You complete 20 seconds of all out 100% intensity exercise (such as using a punch bag or doing burpees), followed by 10 seconds rest. You carry this pattern of work and rest on until you complete 4 minutes of total work.  Elite athletes can do up to 4 sessions of 4 minutes.  Here is a more complete explanation of Tabata training.

The Bas Rutten Shadow Boxing Routines

Okay, so this isn’t actually an app, but it’s something that I use daily. Head over to YouTube using the link in the title, and record the audio from the workouts with your phone’s video function.  Things you need to know to use the videos:

1 = jab
2 = cross
3 = hook
4 = jab, cross, hook, cross
“Defence” = sprawl
“Defence and stay down…left” = Sprawl then sit through to your left

After each combination you should throw a kick or a knee with the opposite leg. For example, if Bas shouts “1 and a 2”, then you should throw a jab and a cross and then throw a knee or kick with your left leg. I use the shadow boxing videos to start off and warm up for every workout.   If you enjoy shadow boxing and/or doing pad work with a friend, here are some more combination ideas you can add into your routines.

Grapple Arts Technique Apps

If it’s technical training that you need a bit of assistance with, then a highly recommend Stephen keys. If you’re a BJJ guy, you should get the take-downs app. Seriously, get it downloaded and installed now.

DrysDale Jiu Jitsu App

For the Android phone; the Drysdale Jiu Jitsu app is also excellent.  Give it a try.  Remember not to try and do all the techniques.  Each session, pick just 1 or 2 techniques to drill and then try and utilise them in sparring.   This app covers the basics really well.


I hope you enjoyed my quick rundown of handy MMA apps. I’d like to finish with a quick recommendation – if you are new to MMA, you really can learn a lot from apps and YouTube videos.  To start with I’d learn some basic boxing combinations and footwork, look up the basic mount escapes and side control escapes for BJJ, and look up the technicalities of the double leg takedown on YouTube.  You might feel a bit daft, but practicing bridges, double leg takedowns, and boxing on your own, for 20 minutes every day will make a huge difference.  Oh, and look up guillotine escapes, you’ll need them!





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