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Wearables won’t be topping Christmas lists as smartwatch-ers wait for Apple

According to new research from mobile app designers Conjure, only 7% of Brits are planning to buy a smartwatch as a gift this Christmas and only 5% are planning to give a fitness tracker to a friend or loved one. Overall, just over half (54%) of the 2,000 people surveyed through OnePoll on their shopping plans said they were planning to buy a ‘tech’ gift this yuletide season, with tablets apparently leading the way with 16%.

The lack of interest in smartwatches this Christmas could be down to people waiting for the Apple Watch to launch in early 2015, according to Conjure. While we would speculate that the of fitness trackers being bought comes down the the simple question: ‘How do you give someone fitness tech without looking like you’re calling them fat?’

Lastly, the research also found that Google Glass could be bought by around 4% of gift givers this Christmas, which is a surprisingly high number of people for such a niche device with the hefty price tag of around £1,000.

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