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Mira: The affordable tracker that actually looks like a bracelet

Mira 1One of the complaints regularly leveled at most trackers and the people that wear them is the way they look. “Why would you wear that?” and “What’s that weird thing your wrist, is it one of those step things?” are often questions I get from people that look at my wrists for the first time, but Mira is hoping to change all that (well, for girls at least!). the Mira smart bracelet is the latest tracker to use Kickstarter to help it launch with a community all ready to start using the device.

The smart bracelet promises to be affordable, stylish and track fitness without looking like a piece of tech on your arm. The device is designed by women, for women and hopes to tick all the necessary boxes to be a winner in an increasingly competitive tracker market.


From the initial imagery, Mira looks like a great design and wouldn’t look out of place on any woman’s wrist, but we’ll have to wait and see how the funding goes. At time of writing the Kickstarter has 13 days to go and has almost $9k of its $10k goal, so should make it across the line from there one would hope, but we’ll have to wait and see whether it’s able to make a mark on the wider tracker market.

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