New tracker to pause the TV when you doze off from Virgin Media

Those fun folks at Virgin Media may have come up with this partly as a PR stunt, but feeling some festive cheer ourselves here at Pixel Health, we rather enjoyed this idea. If, like me, you have a tendency to doze off during your favourite Christmas telly then you’ll agree this might just be a stroke of genius!

KipstRThe protoype is called KipstR (genius!) and is the work of two students from Manchester Creative Studio – Ryan Oliver, 15, and Jonathan Kingsley, 14. They joined forces with Virgin Media as part of the Switched on Futures initiative and 3D printed the device, which includes a pulse-oximeter to monitor the wearer’s heart rate. It works by sending a signal to the users TiVo box to pause or record what’s being missed when their heart rate drops bellow the certain trigger level. then when you wake up, it carries on the paused TV or whatever other action you have programmed.

According to Neil Illingworth, head of advanced technology and innovation at Virgin Media: “We have been exploring the possibilities of connected entertainment for some time and are very excited to unveil KipstR. With emerging new technologies, it is possible to create almost anything, such as emotionally intelligent entertainment systems that can suggest shows based on your moods, or even harnessing brainwaves to control your television.”


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