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Health wearables to save 1.3m lives by 2020?

According to new predictions from Soreon Research this could be true! The figure comes from the Swiss firm’s estimation of the reduction in mortality from using wearable technology within hospitals, which account for 700,000 of the 1.3m estimated.

Pascal Koenig, Research Director at Soreon, explained: “New wearable technology can easily extend monitoring functions beyond the intensive care unit and alert medical professionals to any follow-on medical problems a patient may develop. Hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved as a result. Two other areas where innovative wearable healthcare products could have major benefits are cardiovascular conditions and obesity.”

The research also claims that by monitoring cardiovascular diseases with wearables, 230,000 deaths could be prevented, while obesity related deaths could be reduced by 150,000. Soreon also believes that patients with chronic conditions will help drive the smart wearables market from $2bn today to $41bn by 2020.

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