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CES News: Under Armour launches Record, another fitness data tracking platform

Sports behemoth Under Armour has entered the fitness data world today with the launch of its own platform to help users track their fitness and health numbers. The US-based clothing and accessories manufacturer says it has built ‘Record‘ to help you and your friends get fitter.

Kevin Plank, CEO at Under Armour, commented: “Record is suitable for people of different fitness levels and creates a visual dashboard of all your activity data in one place, thereby making it easier to keep track of your personal fitness goals.”

Like the plethora of other platforms already available, Record will track steps, sleep, calories burned, heart rate, weight and more. It’ll also play nicely with ‘thousands of fitness tracking devices and apps’ apparently.

Most interestingly, Record also allows you to invite 20 friends from your network to take part in customized health and fitness challenges. Adding a social element to your fitness and the platform will then track group progress, displaying things like leaderboards to spur you on.

The new platform is available to download now for Android and iOS devices. We will be testing the service out ourselves in the coming weeks, so watch this space for a full review.

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