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Rise and Lose It! partner to give users personalised nutritional coaching

Today the personalised nutrition coaching start-up Rise has announced a new partnership with Lose It!, the app-based weight loss service, which will offer users of the latter additional personalised support and accountability from a registered dietitian. All 24 million Lose It! members will also be able to share their calorie and exercise tracking data with one of Rise’s licensed coaches to receive individualised feedback, advice, recipe ideas and even fitness suggestions.

Charles Teague, co-founder and CEO of Lose It!, said: “Lose It! is all about giving our members weight loss that fits their life and goals. Some people just want to track their calories and stay on budget; others are looking for more advice, support and professional guidance. Coaching is a natural extension of our program and integrating Rise, the category leader, is another step in our digital health and fitness strategy. They’ve cracked the code on delivering a personalised, high-quality coaching service in an efficient and affordable way and we are excited for our members to benefit from this great new service.”

Suneel Gupta, founder and CEO of Rise, added: “Lose It! and Rise are both committed to delivering an easy, convenient, and personalised way for people to reach their health goals, regardless of age, location or lifestyle, so working together was a natural fit. Up until now, health and fitness apps have been focused solely on recording and tracking data. We’re excited to partner with Lose It! because we believe that giving people personalised advice and feedback on specific food choices will allow them to build even more healthy, sustainable habits for life.”

The partnership is claimed to be the first significant step toward this new generation of intelligent, personalised health and fitness services, beyond the current breed that simply track and log your data this will give tangible feedback and advice. Both Rise and Lose It! have strategic partnerships with a variety of leading health and fitness brands, employers and medical institutions, to access the new Lose It! personal coaching service, please sign up at rise.us/loseit. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article Rise is not available in the UK, but we are assured by the team that it is coming soon so watch this space for further updates.

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