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Swimmo launches successful Kickstarter campaign

A new smartwatch and personal swimming coach, called Swimmo, launched last week on Kickstarter.com with impressive success! At time of writing, the new swimmers smartwatch had already made its goal of $39,000 – an interestingly specific figure that seems to imply an attempt to actually bring the product to market rather than mass sell it (as other technology companies have increasingly done in the last year).

Anyway, Swimmo is designed for continuous work under water, breaking down the current barriers for efficient monitoring of swim training and the actual progress in the swimming pool. The device is intended both for people who want to keep fit and those who want to improve their body shape and stay in good health. Its creators aim to raise 39,000 US dollars. Over the next 35 days, you can track and support their campaign on the official project page on Kickstarter.com.

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Mateusz Heleniak, Swimmo Trainer Inc’s CEO, said: “There are many apps and devices that support the training of people who run or ride a bike. However, it’s not the case for swimming. The market lacks a solution that provides monitoring of swimming and improving one’s results. We experienced it ourselves and decided to change it.  That’s how we came up with the idea for Swimmo, a smartwatch overcoming all the challenges that water presents to electronics. This is a device which effectively helps training, allowing users to develop strength and power of muscles. We have fitted it with a number of proprietary technologies such as Rotate&Tap gesture control, a waterproof heartbeat sensor, IntensityCoach and PaceKeeper which help inform the swimmer of their pace in comparison to their current training plan.”

As well as heart rate, Swimmo measures the distance, pace, amount of calories burned as well as the time spent in water. It syncs the results with a dedicated mobile app so that users can compare data and aim to improve. The smartwatch also allows for sharing the results on social media and on popular sports websites, including RunKeeper.com. Additionally, when being out of the pool, it serves as a designer sports watch displaying current date and time.

Swimmo is scheduled to reach its backers as early as in October 2015, so watch this space for any further information and hopefully a review of Swimmo once it’s finished!

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