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Insulin Angel launches Indiegogo campaign to be world’s smartest medication tracker

Insulin Angel - WhiteAt WIRED Health on Friday last week, we met a new device claiming to be the world’s smartest medication tracker, which is called Insulin Angel and has a campaign currently live on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The simple little device monitors your medication’s temperature and if you leave home without it will send an alert to your phone. It’s kept with any medication or medical device and connects to your smartphone with the dedicated Android or iOS app (screenshot below) and claims to be the first device of its kind to have a remote warning capability.

The team behind Insulin Angel are hoping to raise $55,000 on Indiegogo, with Pioneer pledges including shipping starting at $40. To put the issue of Diabetes medication into some context, the UK has an estimated 3.2m people diagnosed and the US 29.1m – of these about 10% permanently and critically require insulin. Those with type 1 diabetes and some with type 2, who constantly rely on carefully balanced insulin doses throughout the day, need to ensure their medication is looked after. As insulin needs to be stored within a specific temperature range, uncertainty over the integrity of the expensive medicine can result in it being thrown away.

Insulin Angel - App ScreensInsulin Angel also sets out to reduce any incidences of forgotten insulin doses with its proximity tracking functions. This is fundamental for all people with diabetes, but even more critical for parents of children with diabetes as they strive to look after their children’s health from a distance.  Available on both Android and iOS, the app’s context algorithms recognise if you are around home or work, meaning you will not receive false notifications if you are in a “safe” area, such as your home, school or workplace – for example if you are in the garden and your medication is somewhere indoors.

Insulin Angel - InsideWhether you leave your medicine on a bench in the sun, in a hot car, or take it in your backpack on a skiing holiday, insulin can quickly and unknowingly become excessively hot or cold. Insulin Angel reassures whether the medication’s critical temperature has been reached, relieving users from any doubt about the effectiveness of their vital medication.

Amin Zayani, co-founder of Insulin Angel and a type 1 diabetic, says: “There is so much uncertainty and misunderstanding when it comes to diabetes. We created Insulin Angel because there was nothing out there that works in quite the same way – and we hope that, thanks to Indiegogo, we will be able to reduce some of the anxiety that surrounds the condition. Backers also have the option to nominate a school, hospital, community or charity to donate units to, which hopefully opens this project out to anyone and everyone who would benefit from this technology.”

So if you are a diabetic, know someone that is or even have a need to keep other medication with you at all times, you can find out more and back Insulin Angel on Indiegogo (or click on the information below), starting at $40, and have this handy little device with you as soon as July 2015. But do it soon, as the campaign is due to close on 9th May 2015.

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