Withings turns its’ smart scales into your ‘Morning Coach’

One of the companies that has always lead the way in the connected health revolution over the last decade has been Withings, and they have announced two new features that aim to make its Smart Body Analyzer & Wireless Scale a ‘Morning Coach’ to kick off users’ day in a healthier way. The new features allow the scales to inform the user of the day’s weather and their steps from the previous day.

WS-50-weighingThe team at Withings found that most people generally weigh themselves in the morning, directly upon waking, and so they decided to try to enrich this start of the day ritual by providing a little extra information to help the user start they day in the right way. The additional incentive to adding more features that change daily is that users are encouraged to step on the scale more regularly, which has been found as a major component to achieving weight goals (on average, users who step on the scale 10 times a month lose 1.5 kg more than those who step on it less than 10 times).

With the latest update to the Withings’ connected scales, users will also be presented with the current daily weather condition (such as rain, snow, sun) as well as the average temperature for both the morning & afternoon.  This valuable information can help Withings’ scale users dress properly for the day and choose the appropriate accessories such as a hat, umbrella, gloves, etc.

These new features are available for all Withings Smart Body Analyzer & Wireless Scale users.  The latest scale firmware is 1521 on WS-50 and 701 on WS-30 and users must have the most current version of the Withings Health Mate application (iOS 2.5.0 and Android 2.40.40).  Scale users must have their scales connected via Wi-Fi in order for the device to automatically update the firmware and experience these new features. Those users who connect their scales via Bluetooth will not be able to connect their scales to the Internet in order to access the new features. Users can choose the order in which these features are displayed on their scales as well as opt out of the features through the Health Mate app.

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