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Microsoft Band gets more integration, insights and features

This week, Microsoft has announced significant new updates for its Microsoft Band and the accompanying Microsoft Health app, including broader integration, new insights and more features. These were identified, according to the business, through customer feedback as the three main areas the new foray into health and wellness tech should focus on.

Microsoft Band - Cycling 1Broader Integration

Microsoft will be expanding its cycling functionality through partnerships with popular bike apps, such as MapMyRide and Strava. Starting on 23rd April, Microsoft Band customers will be able to wear their device during rides and compare performance or share routes with other riders using these apps.

New Insights

When it comes to Microsoft Health, from 27th April users will be able to access the following new insights and observations (although only on the full featured Web Dashboard for now):

  • Comparative Insights: Measures data like daily steps, sleep, workout frequency and calorie burn and compares it to similar Microsoft Health users based on body type (height and weight)
  • Sleep Recovery: Use the Microsoft Health Web Dashboard to analyse sleep restoration, sleep efficiency and wake-ups, to find out how well the body restores its resources during sleep
  • Fitness Benefit: Track fitness progress using historical data to measure improvement over time
  • VO2 Max: Microsoft Band estimates VO2 max based on heart rate information, so users can track how their VO2 max increases as they improve fitness level and achieve their wellness goals
  • Run/Exercise Observations: Get more out of run and workout data with in-depth observations and insights, such as which day of the week and at what time of day they perform best or whether you’re maintaining, progressing or need to bit of a boost.

Microsoft Band - Cycling 3More Features

Finally, Microsoft has made its Health platform an open one and designed it to combine the data from your device, along with any of the other services you already use. That means that in the coming weeks, users can track daily steps and calorie burn inside of the Microsoft Health app using the sensors contained in their Android Phones, iPhones or Windows Phones.

We are hoping to get our hands on a Band here at PixelHealth, so watch this space for a more detailed discussion on both the device and the accompanying app…


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