Review of Beddit Family web app

Beddit is the sleep tracking tech now owned by the team at Misfit Wearables and we reviewed last year. Earlier this year, Beddit launched its new ‘Family web app’ that offers a new way to view and follow your family’s sleep.


Beddit Family assembles multiple people’s sleep habits and long-term sleep trends (using the Beddit device naturally) onto a single website. The web app includes features such as long-term and 14-day-median trend graphs of sleep amount, sleep efficiency and resting heart rate.

Beddit Family - Trends

Users can also see a single night’s sleep curve overlaid with your heart rate data. Resting heart rate indicates nighttime recovery – from physical exertion and mental stress.

Beddit Family - Sleep

Then to wrap it all up, you can also see your long-term sleep history – total sleep time & average bpm from the whole time you’ve used Beddit.

Beddit Family - History

While all this additional insight is very useful to have, it must be said that I’m surprised it’s not possible to incorporate these into the existing Beddit app, but still a useful set of features and the web app version is easily accessed on a smartphone or tablet too.


The Beddit Family app works perfectly well and is easy enough to sign up for and add people to your ‘Family’ group. However, it is still beholden to some of the glitches and issues that the device still seems to have. Namely the Bluetooth connection dropping from time to time and waking to find out that according to the app I was only in bed for about 2 hours. I realise that these are flaws of the devices not the web app, but the two go rather hand-in-hand, so it’s a shame they don’t seem to have been ironed out over the few months between our original review and revisit.


BedditHaving said all this, the web app works well and is a simple design so can work on mobile and tablets too (which is handy for those of us that don’t seem to sit down in front of a laptop unless it’s for work or posting these articles).


The Beddit Family app is free to anyone with a Beddit (or two!), but this does slightly overlook the £129.95 it costs for each Beddit. That said, it is a handy addition for any existing Beddit users.


All things considered, Beddit Family is a nice idea that has allowed me and my wife to share our sleep quality. The fact that it’s a web app does mean that it’s not quite as user-friendly or accessible on a mobile device as it could be, but I hope it’s a pre-curser to these additional features being baked into the existing Beddit app or a new mobile app. The idea of having a community, be it small or big, of sleepers that can share their data and discuss it is an interesting one that I can see tremendous value from. The Beddit Family app has a little ways to go in order to realise that sort of dream though.

Lastly, would I recommend people to use it? If they’re already Beddit users then definitely, but I don’t think this web app is going to bring any new users on board for the £250+ it would cost to buy two devices.



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