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WIRED Health: Consumerising the medical device [video]

Clive Brown from Oxford Nanopore Technologies and Matteo Lai from Empatica each gave talks at the WIRED Health conference in April around the topic of consumerising the medical device. Firstly, Clive discussed Oxford Nanopore Technologies’ wants to get your DNA online, and that future is closer than you think.

The company’s MinION, a £650 gene sequencer created by the company that plugs into USB ports, could be the next step in understanding our very make-up without the need for cumbersome and slow hardware, as he explains:

Secondly, Matteo Lai from Empatica discussed their new device, Embrace, which is the result of more than eight years of work by the business (which is itself a spin-off startup that emerged from MIT Media Lab). It comes with a range of sensors that are built into pretty much all smartphones and wearables out there (an accelerometer, a gyroscope), but it also comes with a electrodermal activity sensor, which is a real-time stress indicator that can predict the onset of epileptic seizures. It is people that experience these seizures that the Embrace has primarily been built for.  Matteo explains a little more about his journey:


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