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Head2Head Review – Braun ThermoScan vs. Braun No Touch vs. Simple Digital Thermometer

Thermometers are something that I never really paid a great deal of attention to until my daughter came along. I had one, yes, but just a cheap digital one from a local chemist that I don’t think I’d used the decade I have owned it. But with a child comes the constant worry of their temperature and whether they are too cold/warm at any given moment of tears because they are unwell. I had seen the in-ear alternatives used at the hospital before, but the idea of one that you don’t even have to prod or poke the wriggling baby with was a miracle piece of tech for, so I was excited to put all the options through their paces.


ThermoScan: The Braun ThermoScan 7 is the in-ear option that we tested and claims that its patented ‘pre-warmed tip’, makes it one of the benchmarks for accuracy, which is why it’s widely used and endorsed by doctors around Europe. The ThermoScan also allows you to your child’s age range, take their temperature and the colour coded display will help you understand the temperature reading – i.e. tell you whether it is too high or not.

No Touch: The Braun No Touch + Forehead is actually dual use, either holding a short distance from or lightly touching the persons forehead to check their temperature. This means it’s perfect for a sleeping baby, while also offering a measure of the speed and precision of the ThermoScan.


Simple: The Simple Digital Thermometer is one I bought from a local pharmacy for just a few pounds. It has a digital display and you simply place it in the mouth or armpit to check someone’s temperature. Essentially, it’s a slightly modern take on the thermometer people have been using for decades.


Braun ThermoScan 7ThermoScan: As the arguable market leader, it’s surprising to find just how easy the ThermoScan is to use. In fact, with just a few pushes of buttons and less than a minute, you can have a person’s temperature in your hand – as well as a decision on whether this is high or not. The only frustration is the need to replace the ear covers, as if you’re a regular checker of your little one’s temperature you’ll go through these pretty quickly. Other than that it’s remarkably easy to us and appears to be accurate for the speed with which it works.

Braun No Touch + ForeheadNo Touch: The combination of no touch and on forehead is, on the face of it, an incredibly useful – especially if you’re checking the temperature of a baby, who are notorious for their not staying still! However, in practice it became slightly frustrating to know whether you were in the right position or mode to get the right temperature. Also, the temperatures seemed to come out consistently higher than the other two thermometers during our tests, not by a huge amount, but enough to take it from a safe ‘Green’ rating to an ‘Amber’ keep checking. This is hardly ideal, but for the ease of use it still has to be said it’s a handy item to have.

Simple Digital ThermometerSimple: As already said, the basic level thermometer. It works well and is accurate (at last compared to the ThermoScan) in most conditions. It can be a little difficult to position on a baby or child as it need to stay in place for a little while, but other than that it’s by far the best bang for your buck and is why there’s likely a version of this in your bathroom already.


ThermoScan: The ThermoScan 7 comes in at £38.10, which isn’t a fortune for the peace of mind it may give you – although it isn’t nothing either. The additional filters you can get for around £2.50 for a pack of 20. Again this isn’t a huge amount, but if you’re a worrier (as my wife is it must be said) you could easily end up using a few per week you can easily be spending another £20+ per year just on the filters.

No Touch: At £38.83, the No Touch + Forehead from Braun is a great idea and although it isn’t perfect in the execution, it’s still going to help a worried parent wanting to check whether their little one has a fever. Ultimately, I think the price is a little high but it’s in the same range as the ThermoScan, which feels about right.

Simple: I found a similar ‘simple’ thermometer for £4.99 and for that price you get all the piece of mind you need, but you will have to put up with some struggling.


All things considered, all 3 of the devices we compared worked reassuringly well. So it comes down to what you want to use the thermometer for and for me that was checking my daughter’s temperature to make sure she’s not unwell. For that reason the No Touch + Forehead has to be the winner. Although it’s not perfect, the ease of use and ultimately the fact you can check a sleeping baby is just invaluable (particularly if you’ve finally got them to sleep, you don’t want to wake them by probing in their ear). However, there is one caveat to this victory and that is that I would also have a reliable ‘Simple’ Digital Thermometer in the house too. So for the price of two of the ThermoScan refills you can be assured that if your little one does appear to have a fever with the No Touch, you can then go to the traditional method to confirm.

Braun No Touch + Forehead   Simple Digital Thermometer

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