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WIRED Health: Augmenting the human [video]

During this session we heard from two fantastically passionate people about their experiences of artificial limbs. The first was Nigel Ackland, who lost his right arm in 2006, and the second was Sophie de Oliveira Barata who creates new limbs for people that are nothing short of works of art!

Nigel started the session with, quite simply, one of the most emotive talks of the entire day. He was frank and honest about his experience of losing his arm, the challenges of getting a prosthetic that actually works and ultimately the difference a newly functioning arm has on both his physical and mental wellbeing. Here’s how it went:

Next up was Sophie de Oliveira Barata, who is a director of the Alternative Limb Project and makes bespoke prosthetics that are both stunning and more importantly functional for their needs. She talked us through some of the limbs she has made for her clients, including Ryan Seary who lost part of his left leg and left arm clearing mines in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a video of Sophie’s talk available, but you can see some of the images she shared below, see WIRED’s own write-up of the talk here and find out more about The Alternative Limb Project on its own website.



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