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Peak to launch new ‘Advanced Training Platform’

This week, Brain training app Peak announced that some third party programs will be launching on its service and to its users globally this summer. The new additions will be developed in collaboration with leading scientists and universities to improve everything from memory to attention – some of the partners include the likes of Cambridge University, IntelliGym (ACE), Brainways and C8 Sciences.

Premium products from these world leaders in the field of neuroscience-based brain-training programs will soon be made available as ‘Advanced Training’ courses and delivered to Peak’s user base via their mobile phones at an average cost of $20. Each program will focus on a specific cognitive performance skill the Peak user has chosen to improve. These skills include improving attention span, working memory, emotional control, decision-making and creative thinking.

Itamar Lesuisse, Co-founder and CEO at Peak, commented: “Partnering with institutions like Cambridge University and C8 Sciences represents the first opportunity for leading neuroscientists to bring tried-and-tested brain training solutions to millions of Peak users around the world. By opening our platform, we are providing access to globally recognized brain training solutions from the best scientists in their field.”

Dr. Bruce Wexler, a Senior Research Scientist in Psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine and founder/CSO of C8 Sciences (one of the companies selected by Peak), added:  “This partnership leverages Peak’s strengths in design, development and distribution, and C8 Sciences’ neuroscience-based program functionalities, in a shared commitment to make games that can profoundly improve cognitive function.”

Peak is currently available on iOS, Android and Kindle. Advanced Training courses will be available on Peak iOS from 28th May.

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