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WIRED Health: Humanising the interface [video]

The topic of ‘Humanising the Interface’ at WIRED Health was discussed by Gadi Amit from NewDealDesign, who told us that wearable tech will soon be under your skin. Then Lama Nachman of Intel Labs discussed taking Stephen Hawking’s speech system open-source.

NewDealDesign’s Gadi Amit is the designer behind Fitbit, the Google Ara modular phone and the Sproutling baby monitor (as well as a host of design awards). He told the WIRED Health audience that most smartwatches as they exist today are “labourous, time consuming and attention grabbing objects”, going on to call for designers to think more of the people wearing the technology.

Then Lama Nachman talked to us about the news announced back in December 2014 that Intel had been working with Professor Stephen Hawking to create a new system to help him communicate and interact with the world around him. The company also announced a somewhat surprising move that it would be opening up the platform to the international research community so that it could be adapted for the three million people suffering from motor neurone disease and quadriplegia.

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