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WIRED Health: Hacking behaviour [video]

During what turned out to be my favourite session of the day at WIRED Health, Mark Koska and the always entertaining Rory Sutherland discussed ‘Hacking behaviour’. Firstly, Mark Koska talked about his journey in trying to save millions of lives every year by changing one of the most fundamental items of healthcare equipment, the syringe. It took him 15 years, but eventually he got into a room with the right people and now the World Health Organisation is on board too.

Next up was vice-chairman of marketing group Oglivy & Mather, Rory Sutherland, who among other things discussed: Renaming A&E back to accident and emergency, how we are forced to choose between only bad choices and the deliciousness of Sherry. All in all it was a very entertaining, but also thought provoking talk about ‘hacking’ the way we think in order to make things better.

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