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WIRED Health: Decoding the brain [video]

The brain remains one of the most mysterious organs in our body, from memories to movement (and even to your ‘movements’ lower in your body apparently) it controls everything about you. However, in the first talk of WIRED Health’s ‘Decoding the brain’ session Sarah-Jayne Blakemore from University College London discussed the links between neuroscience and education, but more importantly how she is regularly outraged by the pseudo science that often intrudes upon this territory (particularly from businesses like Brain Gym). Unfortunately, the full recording of the talk was not available at time of publishing, but you can find the full write-up from WIRED here.


Next up was memory, with Eleanor A. Maguire, professor of neuroscience at University College London and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging. She discussed her research that has already shown that it’s possible to identify the specific memories people remember based on a high-resolution MRI scan of the hippocampus. As Maguire put it herself, “Memory is central to who we are and what we do. It is the basis of culture and we would not have society without our shared memories. That is why we fear memory loss so much, because we have so much to lose.” Again, sadly the full video of Maguire’s talk is not currently available, but you can find a full write up on the WIRED Health site here.


Last up was John F Cryan, professor of anatomy and neuroscience at University College Cork, who explained why if you’re feeling stressed it could your gut you need to look at rather than your brain. Recent research by Cryan and his colleagues has shown a direct link between stress in the early life of animals and a different selection of gut bacteria when they grow up, but he explains far better than we can:

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