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WIRED Health: Optimising performance [video]

The final session of the day was officially called ‘Optimising performance’, but it might as well have been the ‘rock star’ session to close out the day. While every speaker throughout WIRED Health was fantastic, this was the chance to hear from Adam Gazzaley who is making games with guys from Lucas Labs, the high performance team at Red Bull and McLaren Applied Technologies on the amazing tech they’re creating and improving.

First up was Adam Gazzaley, who is building a repertoire of games that could one day help us reduce or even reverse the impact on our cognitive faculties of disorders such as Alzheimer’s, or deficits caused by brain trauma. At his neuroscience lab within the University of California San Francisco and his gaming company Akili, Gazzaley is attempting to discover whether “we can use this approach to really make a difference”.

Next up was Andy Walshe, Red Bull’s high performance director, who aims to ask the their athletes and performers: ‘Are you as functionally optimised as you could possibly be? The likelihood is that you’re not, but research being undertaken by Red Bull might one day help you to change that.

then to close out the day we heard from McLaren Applied Technologies’ VP, Geoff McGrath, who told us he wants to measure people the same way it measures F1 cars and learn more about how to solve fundamental problems of human health. And even how technology could help to identify the next generation of great surgeons when they first start medical school!

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