Review of Withings Smart Scale

Withings are the makers of an impressive range of different health and connected home devices. In this case, we’re testing the Withings Smart Scales and to see how we got on hopping on these a couple of times a day, read on…


The scales, funnily enough, track your weight! They also now give you a handy reminder of the weather forecast for the day (and tomorrow), as well as your BMI (whether you believe in that or not…but that’s for another post).  That’s it really. Nothing much more to talk about.


All I have to compare these to are the rickety old dial-based scales I have from Boots about 10 years ago, I can only say that the Withings Smart Scales are accurate, if not more accurate simply by virtue of the digital dial and being able to truly track your weight over a period of time. The weather also seems to be accurate when I’ve compared it to the weather app on my phone.

I did find that I have to double check whether I’d jumped on the scales too early a couple of times and not put on a few pounds overnight! This is something I’ve found with both traditional and digital scales, so not something the Withings struggles with specifically.


The scales sync with the Withings app (available on iOS and Android), which is frankly beautiful. It’s one of the most nicely designed health apps around and acts as a home for all the Withings family of devices, as well as having a step tracking options in the device too.

Withings Health Mate app 1   Withings Health Mate app 2   Withings Health Mate app 3


The user experience of scales really is simple enough that there’s not much to improve upon. Or so I thought. In these, Withings has made a really user-friendly and genuinely useful addition to that experience. The set-up is simple and then the scales sync over Wi-Fi, which means that literally all I need to do is get on them and it all just happens. One of my favourite features is also the ability to identify the person getting on the scales (not sure how that works if you’re both the same weight, but anyway), this means that I, my wife or even my daughter (who is just 1) can jump on the scales too and join in the fun!


White-8-Wireless_Scale_Lifestyle_2The Withings Smart Scales will set you back around £75 for the basic set (there is a another ‘Body Analyser‘ version for around £110). There’s no getting around the fact that this is expensive for a set of scales that you could get a ‘dumb’ set for £5-10 easily. However, the benefit is these ones genuinely make it easy to track your weight and you don’t even have to look!


The Withings Smart Scales really are very good. They sync easily and without the need for your phone or even to be taking a blind bit of notice of the dial. The family settings within the app are also a lovely addition. The only real downside is that you have to use the Withings app (it doesn’t appear to play nicely with any other services at the moment), but given how pleasant an experience this app is compared to most, it’s not a huge problem to be honest.

So all in all, while it is expensive, if you’re trying to lose wight or just want to track it more accurately, then these are the best around to help you do so.



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