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ANTELOPE: World’s first muscle-activating sportwear

ANTELOPE the new sportwear that claims to actually activate your muscles as you exercise, to help you train even better. The creation is a mixture of compression fabrics you would expect to find in modern sports gear, but with integrated electrodes and wiring to help the impulses get where they need to go. All the while appearing to be just another set of activity wear!

AntelopeThe team behind ANTELOPE claim that after just 4 weeks of regular use the new training aid can improve performance by up to 30%, jumping ability by 20% and muscle volume by up to 10%. It’s also claimed that back pain by 90% in all cases, which sounds potentially too good to be true but we’ll reserve judgement until we get to try out the kit for ourselves.

The electrical impulses are controlled by a central unit, calls the ANTELOPE BOOSTER, and the system can also be run through the smartphone or tablet app, unsurprisingly named the ANTELOPE APP. To find out more you can watch the video below and if you’re keen you can join the already successful backing on IndieGoGo campaign.

We’re more than a little sceptical about strapping electrodes to yourself during exercise, but we’re equally fascinated by the idea! Having said that, the guys made their funding goal in a matter of hours so clearly people are keen to give it a go too. Watch this space for further details on ANTELOPE and hopefully a full hands on in 2016.


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