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23andMe finally legal again!

23andME testing kitA couple of weeks ago, we were really excited to hear the news that 23andMe, the genetic testing home kit, is now officially the first and only direct-to-consumer genetic service that meets U.S. FDA standards. We know from speaking to the team at 23andMe that it’s been a tough road and after nearly two years of graft – including extensive user testing, work with regulators, scientists, physicians and product design experts – it’s all finally signed, sealed and ready to be delivered!

New customers can expect to begin receiving results within six to eight weeks of returning their samples to our lab. The team are also planning some further announcements in the coming months about new reports, information about traits and ancestry, as well as updated tools for exploring more aspects of your genetic information.

We’re really excited to see what else we can find out from the process and watch this space for a more detailed review of the process and the new features as and when they become available.


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