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Can Josh Tetrick really reinvent the food industry? – WIRED 2015

Josh Tetrick is the CEO of Hampton Creek, a business that is rethinking the entire process of food manufacture. He believes that the global food industry is not sustainable, so created the company to explore the question: “What would it look like if we started over?”

He has a meeting with the US Food and Drug Administration in the next few weeks to share his vision of how to integrate food sustainability into the current system, with the ultimate goal of creating what Tetrick terms “the good thing” — food that’s environmentally positive, healthy, and tasty. He explains: “[We have to] make it so easy, make it taste so good, make it so accessible, that you cannot help but choose it.”

Tetrick told WIRED 2015 audience that his company’s products (that include egg-free biscuits and mayo!) are being distributed by major companies, including the likes of Tesco and Costco. Even the global distributor Compass Group has dropped Unilever products in favour of those by Hampton Creek. Tetrick and his team hope to expand their range of products, and are currently looking into high nutrient, low cost snack bars. Find out more from his talk:


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