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3D printing human tissue? Gabor Forgacs discusses cruelty-free drugs and immortality – WIRED 2015

Gabor Forgacs is a pioneer in bioprinting and founder of Organovo, a company that specialises in the creation of human tissue to order (yes, really!). Forgacs explained to WIRED 2015 audience that the technology for printing a complete working human heart may not quite be there yet, but the science is good and it’s only a matter of time before this kind of lab-printed replacement could be a medical reality!

Despite our headline, the terms ‘organ printing’ is one that Forgacs rejects (for the time being at least. Bioprinting is an adaptation of 3D printing, as he explains: “For a situation where you want to create three dimensional extended living structures, by the deposition of discrete units we refer to as bio-ink. Bioprinting is just a tool; biology takes over, after the deposition. We can direct this process by providing physiological conditions, which allow the structure to develop further. The cell types sort through for the right locations, and at the end you develop the right mechanical properties.”

The potential is clearly huge and to find out more watch Forgacs full talk:


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