How To Sleep On Christmas Eve [Infographic]

Christmas is an exciting time of year and no time for sleep! There are presents to be opened, children to be controlled, meals to be made and decorations to be strewn across your living room.

However great the excitement, it will affect your sleep on Christmas Eve. According to our survey, 1 in 5 adults get less than five hours sleep on Christmas Eve, and 1 in 4 adults get out of bed will be jumping out of bed on Christmas morning between 4 and 7 am.

Bedding company Dreams have put together a helpful guide for those wanting to have a good night and ensure an energetic Christmas Day.

From wrapping paper early on, to preparing the next day’s feast in advance and setting the stage for Santa’s arrival, read this advice to guarantee a healthy and deep slumber that’ll help you enjoy the festive cheer.


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