10 healthy resolutions that aren’t losing weight

Resolutions are the plans that you have as an individual and the strategies on how to achieve the plans. Weight loss has been a resolution to every person in every other year, but this is not the only healthy resolution there are many other alternative healthy resolutions you can as well have. You need resolutions that will guide you on what to do and what you want to achieve within a specific period. In case you lost in the previous month then you have to try your best in order to achieve the current year.

Ella James, Contributor

Ella James, Contributor

The following are 10 healthy resolutions that aren’t losing weight:

1) Go to the doctor

To ensure define healthy you need to visit doctor more frequently for check up. Your physician should do some physical and mental health evaluation to make sure you are up to date with your vaccinations. Ask the doctor to perform some blood test on you to determine the hemoglobin level.

2) Eat more vitamins

Vitamins are important in your body since they play a big role in boosting immune system. They are also among the top tips for weight loss. Foods like spinach are high in iron which helps increase the level of blood in your body. Drinks like milk helps provide your body with a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Confirm from your doctor whether there is any vitamin discrepancies you need to monitor.

3) Say one nice thing to yourself every morning

The best thing is to encourage yourself every morning even if things are not going the way you wanted them go. You need to accept situation at hand and then move on. Every morning as you get ready to go to your daily commute, think of one positive train about yourself. The more frequent you do this, the more you feel uplifted.

4) Drink more water

This is one of the best tips for weight loss. Not only more water makes you feel more hydrated, but your physical appearance will show it too. Lots of water is vital part of staying healthy.

5) Take more walks

Walking is good exercise. It may be tiresome to walk over long distance every day but the truth is walk has many advantages such as; helps improve cardiovascular strength, lowers blood sugar level, and helps burn excess calories and fat in the body among other advantages. Walk is one of the tips for weight loss which is recommended to arthritis patients.

6) Make happiness appointment

Happiness is the secret of long life. This entails making an appointment with yourself each week or a month to do something you always wanted to do. It could be a road trip, friend’s party or just window shopping where you let yourself be more joyous.

7) Meditate more often

This is having time to relax. Meditation has so many advantages among them being; it helps to lower pressure, helps improve immune system. Allocate some few minutes in a day to meditate.

8) Call your mom more frequent

Making a call to your mom helps reduce stress.  You need to make call more calls to a friend or family member who you are close to or means a lot to you. Frequent calls makes them feel happy because they will be thinking on how they love you, and you will be happy to they value you.

9) Volunteer more often

This is serving other people the way you wish to be served. It helps in giving back to the community. This may be done in kind or in money. Once you volunteer you will be able to meet different people whom you will talk or interact with, and this will help you reduce stress hence feel being part of them.

10) Read more books

Reading helps you have a sharp mind, feel less stressed and get better sleep. The books you read most probably can define who you are and what you will be in the future. Get to read as many books as possible.


The above resolutions are some of the best that can help you rectify your drawbacks. Choose the resolution that suits you and will help you solve your weakness.

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