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WIRED Health announces 3 more speakers

WIRED Health has announced the latest trio of additions to this year’s line-up, including genomics pioneer J Craig Venter, BrainGate founder John P Donoghue, and Wellcome Trust director Jeremy Farrar. They join 15 groundbreaking individuals from the health and medicine sectors already confirmed, including Tim Spector, Gero Miesenböck and economist Jim O’Neill.

Jeremy Farrar, Director at Wellcome Trust – Infectious disease scientist Farrar heads the Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation dedicated to improving human health

J Craig Venter, Biotechnologist & CEO and Human Longevity – Venter sequenced the human genome in 2001. He created the first synthetic life-forms and co-founded genomics company Human Longevity, Inc with the goal of boosting the human lifespan

John P Donoghue, Director at Wyss Center – Donoghue’s BrainGate enables paralysed people to control robotic limbs using their minds. He’s also tackling motor neuron disease with gene therapy and building haptic prosthetics

This year’s conference will include dedicated sessions for the 400 delegates to connect and share ideas. The event will also feature a Startup Stage, where attendees can learn more about exciting growth-stage companies in the sector to share their stories.

To find out more, visit: http://www.wiredevent.co.uk/wired-health-2016

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