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New smoking cessation wearable reduces cravings in trial

The smartphone-connected drug delivery device for smoking cessation has been created by Chrono Therapeutics and has recently completed a small randomised and double-blinded trial. These initial results show that the nicotine replacement therapy the device offers can reduce cravings to a statistically significant degree compared to a placebo delivered the same way.

Chrono Therapeutics 1The device works in a similar way to traditional nicotine patches, but rather than a gradual, timed release, Chrono’s device delivers the drugs at particular times that coordinate with the user’s cravings. The company is still preparing to file for its FDA clearance in the US, but predicts it will be cleared by the end of 2018. Once the system is cleared, it is estimated to cost around $500 for a 10-week course.

Alan Levy, CEO at Chrono Therapeutics, commented: “Before we got the results we spoke with one of our clinical advisors, He said ‘Don’t expect to see a difference because in the phase one study, when the subjects are not being stressed at all, their cravings are very low. So don’t expect to see a difference between the placebo, because you don’t see that against the dumb patches or the drugs that are used for smoking cessation.’ When we got the results, not only did we see a difference, but we saw one that was statistically significant and … clinically meaningful as well.”

Chrono Therapeutics 2If smoking cessation is a successful use case, the company also intends to explore use cases in Parkinson’s disease and opioid addiction.

Levy explains: “It is an epidemic. More people are dying from opioid overdose than automobile accidents and there is currently no FDA-approved approach to weaning people off of opioids, the way our system weans people off of nicotine.”

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