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RideLondon-Surrey 100: PixelHealth needs your support

MS-Society-LogoIn a bid to do something good, while doing something I would like to do as well, I have signed up to the RideLondon-Surrey 100 this summer. I’ll be riding for the MS Society, which is a charity and cause that’s close to my heart. It also means that I’m asking for support and sponsorship. I know it’s essentially asking for money for something I want to do, but let me explain briefly why and then I’ll leave you to make your own choice…

For those that don’t know, Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition that affects around 100,000 people in the UK, it’s an incurable condition that can result in permanent disability. Most are diagnosed between 20-40 years of age and around three times as many women have MS than men. In recent years there have been some incredible advances in the treatment and even stopping of MS symptoms, as highlighted in a BBC Panorama from earlier this year.

So why do I care so much about it? Well, one of those women suffering from the condition over the last 2 decades has been my mum. She was diagnosed around 20+ years ago now, but the one thing I remember from that time is being told that one day my mum will be in a wheelchair and the sudden appearance of walking sticks around our house (she never much liked them though). Far from accepting this ‘disability’, I’ve found my mother to be a real inspiration in fighting the condition and refusing to let is run her life.

I think I inherited the need to be active from her and the diagnosis has not held back either. Over the last decade she has taken up a wealth of new exercise regimes and sports (the most recent being Nordic Pole Walking), with a regular cycle of her doctors finally deciding she’s no long allowed to do that activity of x and y reason every 6-12 months – at which point she finds the next one.

However, the fact is that MS for my mum is not going to go away. It has long felt less like the elephant in the room, but the dark shadow just outside the door. Not to get too depressing, but the fact is it’s always there and while we do talk about how she’s doing, I can’t help but worry about 5 or 10 years’ time – especially since my daughter was born, as I want her to know just what an amazing women her ‘Noni’ is.

It’s for my mum that I’m planning to ride 100 miles for the first time. And it’s to fight the disease that’s hiding in the shadows in what little way I can that I’m trying to raise money for that effort. I’ll be sharing details of some of my training efforts on the blog over the coming months (although those have started in earnest already) and if you’d like to support me in raising money to beat MS for the 14 people a day that are diagnosed with the condition, you can do so here:  https://www.justgiving.com/TimJBond

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