Summer running and having a blast? – Sport headphones group test

Spring is here and summer is finally on the way, so as we all start to take advantage of the warmer weather to train outside, we’ve got hold of some of the latest sports and wireless headphones to review. But this time with a slight twist, as rather than separate tests we’re going to pit them against each other in a trio of ‘head2head’ style reviews.

What did we look for? We’ve group tested the latest sports and wireless headphones to see how they perform and what you should look out for when deciding the cans you should take – whether you’re off to the gym, for a run, a bike ride or whatever you do for exercise out in the real world!

The things we will be focusing on in our head2heads will be the features each have baked in, the user experience and the value for money.

All in all, we’ve got 5 sets of headphones to test alongside the previously reviewed ‘Adidas Sennheiser Sports‘ in a head2head format, which has as been chosen my a random draw too by the way. These will appear on the site throughout next week, with a final round-up of the top 3 in order the week after next once we have our 3 victors confirmed.

So, the match-ups are:

Let the headphones do battle!


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