Head2Head Review – Adidas-Sennheiser Sports vs. Jam Transit Micro

In the first of this trio of head2head headphone reviews we see the Adidas-Sennheiser PMX 685i Sports (previously reviewed on on this site) take on the Jam Transit Micro Sports Buds Bluetooth. No warm-ups here though, let’s get right into it…


Adidas Sennheiser PMX 685i Sports image 2Adidas-Sennheiser: They have the expected ultra lightweight design, but with the security of a neckband too — rather than ferreting around when an in-ear headphone drops out, which can be more than a little annoying. The headphones are both water and sweat resistant, as well as the in-ear design being created for comfort, security and the ability to stay aware of what’s around you. I’m not really sure how the latter is done, but it appears to be a common claim and refer more to not being great at keeping sounds from the world around you out. I certainly found I could still hear what was going on around me while also listening to podcasts or music during a ride so it appears to work. Last, but by no means least is the vaunted ‘inline smart remote and mic on Para-aramid reinforced cables’, which is basically a pretty good 3-button microphone that’s securely attached in plain English. (Score:6)

hx-ep510-bl_hooks_2_1Jam Transit: First up, these are wireless and connect to your phone using good old Bluetooth. They have an impressive 10 hours of battery life are are made up of sweat resistant material as well as a nice reflective band on the cord (a nice touch!). There are also some claims made about the ‘Securelock’ and ear hooks and fins, which are essentially the various options they give you to make sure the earbuds are both comfortable and actually stay in. There is also a nice 3-button mic and the earbuds have a magnetic feature to help so they snap together for easy tidier storage. (Score:6.5)


Adidas-Sennheiser: Pretty simple to understand. The neckband is simple enough to put on and even fit quite comfortably. Generally these bad boys just work solidly well, like most corded headphones these days. The one issues I did have was when using the microphone and buttons, as they’re a little fiddly to locate on the go, this frustration was then invariably compounded by the microphone not working brilliantly as soon as any sort of gust of wind comes along. However, I think these are mostly issues that all headphones would have in the situation, rather than just these and using them in any other context the microphone and buttons all work perfectly well. (Score:7)

jam-group-shotsJam Transit: Setting these up with my phone was simple enough and trying on the various ‘hook’ and ‘fin’ options until I found something comfy was easy enough too. The Jam’s charge using micro-USB and they seem to last pretty well for the 10 hours they claim, although these extra few hours might be at the expense of a little extra weight that I found more than a bit cumbersome. The weight of these headphones rests on the in-ear pieces, which makes them feel a little insecure (despite all the options) and hefty. No uncomfortably so, but just not the most comfortable thing in the world. The in-line mic also works reasonably well and the buttons are simply to identify (and easy to find). (Score:7)


Adidas-Sennheiser: These headphones can be found for around £60, which seems to be about the going rate for any ‘good’ headphones these days. And these certainly are ‘good’ and do what they are designed to do very well. I still naturally baulk at buying headphones for more than £25-30, as I have a tendency to destroy them fairly quickly the more I spend on them! (Score:6)

Jam Transit: These wireless alternatives, on the other hand, can be found for a little less at about £40. For that you get a solid pair of headphones that you can easily use to train in or just for your daily commute. All in all, it’s hard to argue with the cheaper, wireless pair of headphones that seem to be on a par when iit comes to performance really! (Score:7)


In the final analysis the Adidas-Sennheiser Sports and Jam Transits were pretty close when it came to performance and features, albeit one of them with the added benefit of being wireless. So it really comes down to cost between these two and at two-thirds of the price and just £40, it’s the Jam Transits that are our winners this time around!

Winner: Jam Transit Micro Sports Buds Bluetooth


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