Head2Head Review – Trainer by Gibson vs. Groov-e Motion

In the second of our series of head2head headphone reviews, we have the Usain Bolt endorsed Trainer by Gibson TI100 Wireless Sport taking on the Groov-e Motion Bluetooth. This pairing also represents the biggest price disparity of the headphones we’re reviewing, with one set costing six times the pair they’re taking on. Can you guess which one is the more expensive? Let’s see…


234800807Trainer by Gibson: These wireless headphones work using Bluetooth, with 6.5 hours battery life and they have all the expected proofing on the cables you want for a workout set of cans – this time referred to as ‘Wetherseal’ and ‘Duracord’! They also make claims around ‘Safesound’ that means you can still hear the world around you…although as I’ve said before I don’t fully trust that this isn’t just the sign of a badly fitted or constructed headphone! Aside from that the Trainer headphones also have two thoughtful features in their ‘Nightnav’ light that helps people spot you from behind if you’re out running and also a full range of variations on how you can actually wear your headphones (depending on your preference). All in all, these have everything you’d expect with a nice couple of little additions too. (Score:8)

Groov-e Motion:
 Another set of Bluetooth wireless headphones, this time with an estimated 10-12 hours worth of playback time. 411JtdGLDRL._SY300_They’re more of a firm ‘neckband’ style, so no wires this time but all the relevant sweat-proofing you require. They are also ‘on-ear’ style, which means they are not perfect at keeping out additional noise, but as we’ve seen from all the other headphones thus far that’s not such an unusual (or bad thing). They also have a built-in mic and run using a single button on the top of one of the ear pieces (rather than my preferred 3-button). (Score:6)


Trainer by Gibson: Once I’d decided on a suitable wearing style from all the options (wings, in-ear, etc.) I found the Trainer’s easy to charge using the micro-USB port in the 3-button pad. Setting up the Bluetooth was easy enough too and the audio quality is a nice balance between being clear and crisp, while allowing me to hear the world around me (although not too much I have to admit). The buttons and the microphone all work perfectly well, with some minor issues once any wind seems to blow past. It’s the comfort and weight where these really come into their own though. They are incredibly light and the main weight is located half way along the cord, which helps to weight it down evenly behind you, while allowing the headphones to remain super light weight. (Score:9)

465716_scr2_aGroov-e Motion: These are an interesting idea, with what can only be described as a twisty cord between the two ear pieces that will twist back into a nice small carry-size set. However, it’s also this cord that seems to create some of the discomfort when wearing these for longer than 45 minutes or so. Then there’s the button…the single button design makes it simple that’s for sure, but in my mind it also makes it incredibly difficult to use it for anything other than on/off or start/stop of playback. As any other options require not only you to remember the button combination, but also press it with the right level of precision. The sound quality is strong and the build quality too. All in all it’s a good idea, but could just be executed a bit better I think. (Score:5)


Trainer by Gibson: At £150 there’s no getting around the fact that these are very, very expensive headphones for what they are. They’re really good, but are they worth that much? I’m never going to think so I’m afraid and I can’t help but think that halving that price-point would be a more suitable cost – although probably still quite steep for me personally. Having said all that, we are in a world where people seem happy to drop £100+ on a good set of headphones, so am I just out of touch? Probably. (Score:5)

Groov-e Motion: As I said in the intro, this was the biggest price disparity between the two set of headphones we’re testing. So yes, you guessed it, a set of Groov-e Motion wil lset you back a phenominal £900! [JOKE] They’re actually the much more reasonable £24, which is pretty cheap for a solid set of wireless headphones. Although I would recommend trying a set on for a while first, but given the functionality you get this certainly is value for money. (Score:8)


234800807alt2There really isn’t a competition for this head2head, as clearly the Trainer by Gibson’s are the strongest in terms of features and user experience. It’s only the price that lets it down, but not by enough to allow the Groov-e Motion’s to overtake. So it’s the £150 Trainer’s that will head into the final round-up. We’ll see if that high price point ends up letting them down there!

Winner: Trainer by Gibson TI100 Wireless Sport


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