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New blood analysis platform ‘thriva’ launches with investment from Seedcamp

Today saw the launch of a new London-based digital health platform called ‘thriva‘. The new service allows users to easily discover and track what’s going on inside their body from the comfort of their own home.

Tapping into the growing quantified self movement, thriva’s finger-prick blood test allows users of the service to continuously track a range of internal blood markers associated with good health. Thriva has received early investment from Europe’s leading early stage fund, Seedcamp.

Using the thriva service is a simple process. A kit is sent to the user’s address and returned with a blood sample to thriva’s partner laboratory.

The results are then analysed and uploaded to the thriva platform where the user receives a bespoke report and tailored recommendations created by a healthcare professional explain what lifestyle changes they need to make to improve.

If the thriva test identifies results that are out of the ordinary range it will recommend seeking medical advice from a GP.

thirvaCurrently thriva analyses blood markers related to cholesterol (a key indicator of cardiovascular health) as well as liver and kidney function, with plans to introduce new tests around energy, vitamin D deficiency and fertility in the near future.

Founder and CEO of thriva, Hamish Grierson said, “We’re in an age where you can find out anything about the world around you quick and easily, yet some of the most meaningful information there is – the data inside you – is challenging to access. By giving people access to their health data they are empowered to make better decisions and potentially identify any health-related issues before they arise.”

Partner at Seedcamp, Carlos Espinal, speaking on the investment commented, “One area of keen interest for us at Seedcamp is any technology that democratizes access to services for the masses that were typically either cost-prohibitive or too complex to do previously. Thriva, which starts with analyzing what’s within your body conveniently and in the comfort of your home, is entering a market which has classically been hesitant to innovate.  They’re also really well positioned given the macro-economic drivers challenging the health care system here in the UK.”

The thriva test is now available and costs £49.99. We will also be testing out the service ourselves over the coming weeks, so watch this space for a full review.

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