4 of the best budget fitness trackers under $50

Activity tracking doesn’t have to cost you more than $100. In fact if you research carefully you can find a range of quality fitness trackers that offer both solid performance features and best of all, affordability. And as the technology on the tracking devices becomes more accurate and reliable, the next-generation of wearable devices from big brands like Fitbit, Jawbone and Garmin can only lead to more reduction in the cost of getting the latest strapped-on device. Here we take a look at the best budget fitness trackers currently available, for less than $50.

Xiaomi Mi Pulse Band

For the serious bargain hunters, the Xiaomi Mi Pulse Band is only $27 and offers shoppers the chance to get their hands on a fitness tracker that can monitor steps, distance walked, calories, heart rate and sleep that is way cheaper than most fitness trackers. Although it is not the most stylish tracker, it is a nice entry point for people looking to get started on a fitness quest.

Designed by the Chinese company Xiaomi, this fitness tracker has sold over 1 million units in China alone.

Misfit Flash

If you are a swimmer or someone looking for a budget waterproof fitness tracker, then the Misfit Flash should be high on your list as it costs only $26. This sporty designed device can be strapped on the wrist or can be clipped-on elsewhere and used for swimming, cycling, running, tennis, basketball and more. Plus it keep tabs of daily activities, distance traveled, calories and sleep. Unlike most fitness trackers that last only a few days, the Misfit Flash has a battery life of six months which is replaceable.

The Misfit Flash is made of plastic and it is available in seven bright colors that will suit most people’s taste.

Jawbone Up Move

At only $24, the Jawbone Up Move offer tracking features from recording steps, overall calories burnt and hours slept. As well, you can log food and drink intake using the UP Food Score rating to measure your eating pattern which is important if you want to lose body fat. Lastly, for this tiny investment, the UP Move provides coaching guides using Jawbones Smart Coach System to get you fitter.

For the fashion conscious, the Up Move allows you to mix and match your style that comes in an array of colours, clasps and straps.

Fitbit Zip

Fitbit is a well-known brand and the Zip is a clip on device that offers all day activity tracking from steps walked, distanced traveled and calories. It comes with a tap display that will show the activity data and time of day. Whilst you cannot compare the features to their cousins like the Fitbit Charge HR, Surge, Flex, it is perfect for new Fitbit family members where you can socially participate and challenge other Fitbit device owners to be more active.

For around $48, it is another nice budget entry for people looking to lose weight or for beginners who want everyday activity monitoring.

If you want a budget fitness tracker that does all the normal activity tracking and more, then the four budget fitness trackers offers solid performance features without breaking your bank account. Although the devices are not in the league of the more fancied and higher performance fitness trackers, it offers plenty for a small investment. As long as you can monitor your daily activities and become more active rather than staying idle, these four activity trackers will suffice.

Alternatively, if you are serious fitness buff or someone who can afford a higher end wearable activity tracker, has compiled list of the latest and best of waterproof fitness trackers that will suit all levels of fitness bunnies from the unfit to the super crazy fit. As well you will fitness trackers suited to swimmers, triathletes and more.

By Jason Oh,

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