5 secrets of happy (and healthy) life

Some believe that there is such thing as being born under the lucky star. Those people are supposed to have all the luck, which allows them to lead happy lives. This implies that happiness is something given and that your actions are less important. However, that may not be the truth. There are scientists that claim happiness is a choice. According to them, it comes from our decisions and positive attitude (Shaun Achor, Harvard Business Review, January – February 2012). A happier life is a healthier life, so make the right decisions for your own good.

Get the rest you deserve

The first thing that new mothers start losing is sleep. However, sleep deprivation can have some pretty bad effects. It can influence your immune system or even make you depressed. It reduces your cognitive abilities and deteriorates your overall wellbeing. Therefore, get that good-night’s sleep. Also, take breaks during the day. You don’t have to do everything at once and you will do it faster and better if you’re rested. Not to mention you resting will improve your overall wellbeing. This will allow you to accomplish all of your tasks which will lead to feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

Have your goals in mind

It’s far easier to work and get the chores done if you know that something good is waiting at the end of that road. Plan your next big vacation and feel free to daydream about it to get you through the bad days. Setting goals is what makes people feel happy as it brings rewards and structure into their lives. Of course, your goals will definitely include your little one.

Enjoy in the little things

Don’t get lost in the big picture. Your happiness is with you all the time, so let it show its face. You can find it in the giggle of your child, the smell of the morning coffee or some nice music in your car. Make the most of those lovely details and appreciate them. Suddenly, your entire life will seem better and packed with little specks of enjoyment.

Toss away the baby books

There are books that are all about cherishing the memories of your baby’s life. Writing in the first words, the first steps, the first ‘everythings’ can easily turn into a chore. Simply forget about all that. You will remember the good times, forget the bad times and enjoy every minute of it. Baby books do nothing but put pressure on you to remember to write in it. It is definitely the type of pressure that you are better off without.

Pamper your body

The first thing you need to do is to introduce a good dietary regimen into your life and start exercising. Your body needs exercise and good nutrients to be healthy. Also, those happiness hormones will get pumping once you start to exercise. Healthy lifestyle will improve your self-image. On the other hand, you also need some pampering. Go to the hairstylist or get your nails done. Book a massage, a day at the spa, or make the most of the best chiropractic services nearby to get rid of that back pain.

Being a working mom means that you have to put in some extra effort into everything you do. Don’t forget that it means that you should put some extra effort into being happy, as well. Your children need a happy and healthy mom in order to be happy and healthy themselves. Therefore, give your kids a happy mom.

By Gabriella Diesendorf, highstylife.com

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