3 of the best fitness watches for less than $150

Not so long ago, Fitness trackers were either a simple clip on or wrist styled device providing simple measurements like step counting. But fast forward to day, fitness trackers with heart rate monitoring are becoming the must have and what’s more as the tech on the trackers improve, it is stamping itself as an essential device to assist you with your health and fitness objectives. Since these devices are light to wear, it can be worn easily and many fitness goers love training with these activity trackers as it is uncomplicated and handy to use on a continuous basis, and more importantly allows tracking a person’s heart rate straightforward automatically. And the best part, just by tapping the buttons of the gizmo or on the screen of the watch using the fingers, your heart rate including crucial information are displayed on a LED screen which in turn guide you to exercise within your allowable heart rate.

A note though, before anyone consider a wrist heart rate monitor, you should think whether you need one and whether it will suit your type of training. The fitness trackers with its particular detector will suit individuals who workout in their homes, new to exercising or who only exercise at times. But for a pro athlete or someone who exercises faithfully, generally an individual who prefers heart pumping kind of training, it is more suitable to consider fitness wearables that uses the chest strap to monitor a person’s heart rate as they provide more pinpoint information.

For the point of this article and as a large section of fitness population are in the ‘casual exerciser’ group, here are the top 3 fitness trackers that monitor all the usual tracking statistics, as well as recording the heart rate:

Garmin Vivosmart HR

Would you like a fitness tracker that can be worn on the wrist for longer than five days? Would you like a tracker that you can swim and shower with? Plus would you like activity tracking with heart rate tracking and comes packaged with the smart watch alert features? Then, Vivosmart HR is the one for you.

This is a mix of fitness tracker and smart-watch, and as a fitness device, it more or less has the features covered like recording result of the user’s daily movements, keeping tabs of heart rate non-stop for the entire day, and automatically records your sleeping patterns on a daily and nightly basis. With a battery life of more than 9 months you will not have the hassle of charging it every five days.

A big positive, the Vivosmart HR has a strong incoming call notification and better yet, the wearable has a water-proof rating up to fifty meters.

Although it is more expensive and bigger in design than the Fitbit Charge HR, The Vivosmart HR can be used for swimming and its smart watch user features are superior.

Fitbit Charge HR

As of the date of this posting this is the most popular fitness tracker from Fitbit and one of the top selling activity tracker on Amazon. What it comes downs to is its’ costing and features. The Fitbit Charge Hr is a comfortable fitness watch to wear and it is really an easy to use tracker, one that monitors your workouts and movement starting from counting your daily steps, number of stairs climbed, total distance covered, calories slashed, number of minutes moving, automatic workout detection and let’s not forget sleep and heart rate tracking. Plus it has a simple incoming caller notification function.

In contrast to other trackers, the design of this wearable gadget is more stylish, and comes in various size wrist-bands and colours. It keeps an eye of the daily activities, sleep and heart rate numbers automatically and displays the information on the screen of the device. As well, the data is synced with Fitbit app on the smartphone where the user can see their fitness history.

As well, Fitbit has a huge fitness community where an individual can train and challenge friends or colleagues to get more active and keep each other accountable.

Although there are other less expensive options, but honestly this fitness tracker has the best value for money.

Jawbone Up4

This another tracker in a long growing line of heart rate monitor devices, and has a battery duration nearing 10 days. However, it is another quality wrist styled wearable that automatically records the heart rate, keep tabs of sleep automatically. One other great thing about it, the device can be put to use for payments at retail outlets that take part in it. As well, it contains sensors that records the heart rate, respiration and sweat zones continuously.

In regards to sleep tracking, Jawbone UP4 not only automatically monitor sleep, it also records the 3 sleep patterns: REM, Light and DEEP. Plus it will give tips to lead you to a quality night’s shut eye. Lastly, of the three fitness trackers mentioned on this article, it is the cheapest fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring.

But there are issues to the wrist styled heart rate trackers. The problem of the accuracy arises when monitoring fast paced training like running at top speed or interval training. At this stage, if you require a more thorough analysis of one’s performance with more accurate measurements a chest strap heart rate monitor is the better route.

However if you fall into the category where you are not too fussed about the accuracy of the readings, or someone who workout during weekends, or new to getting in shape, a wrist strapped heart rate tracker like any of the 3 suggested fitness trackers is plenty to begin with. Also these fitness watches are simply more comfortable to strap on the wrist and simpler to utilise for monitoring one’s heart rate.

By Jason Oh, waterprooffitnesstracker.net

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