End of an era (but don’t call it a flashback)


Hello hear readers. It’s a sad day at PixelHealth towers, as I announce that I will be stepping down as the editor of the health-obsessed organ.

I originally joined the site because I was really excited about how we can use technology to live healthier and more aware lives. That’s still something I care about a great deal and will continue to follow closely, but over the years my own life has changed quite a bit (2 job changes, a mortgage, a wife and a child).

It’s this fight for my time that has meant me taking the decision to step away from the site. Between my day job and spending time with my young family, I am struggling to find the time to do the topic of digital health the justice it deserves.

Put simply, I’ve decided it’s time to call it a day.

But far from bad news, I’m also tremendously excited to announce the return of our former editor and founder of the blog, David Clare, will be returning to the helm! So please welcome back our gallant leader and look our for further updates in the coming weeks.

I still hope to contribute my thoughts and opinions from time to time, but until then…stay healthy and keep finding new ways for tech to help in doing that!

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  1. David Clare

    Thank you for running the ship Tim, enjoy the spare time you’ll have now (although with a small family I’m sure it’ll be easily consumed by something else!)

    I’m looking forward to editing the site again, but most of all looking forward to your future contributions – as I’m sure that digital health bug isn’t going away any time soon.

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