Prelude Fertility launches to fulfill parenting dreams

A group which includes Lee Equity Partners, Reproductive Biology Associates (RBA) serial entrepreneur Martín Varsavsky and My Egg Bank North America (MEB) have launched Prelude, a fertility company which aims to improve people’s chances of conceiving at a time when they are ready.

The firm is intending to capitalise on the demographic who delay childbirth until they are in their 30s or 40s. The process is fundamentally made up of four steps, which include the freezing of eggs and sperm, as well as genetic testing, the creation of embryos and a single embryo transfer. This is intended to create a wider range of reproductive choices for customers, negating the time constraints normally imposed by our biological clocks.

According to Zsolt Peter Nagy, PhD (embryology), a key member of both Egg Bank North America and the new Prelude team: “Prelude is using vitrification and genetic testing of embryos to dramatically improve pregnancy outcomes. The Prelude Method helps us advance My Egg Bank’s mission to ensure people achieve their parenting dreams by literally freezing their fertility at its prime, instead of having to solve the issue of infertility later in life.”

The World Health Organisation has ranked infertility as the third most serious disease across the world, but companies such as Prelude are beginning to open up more options for those who find themselves struggling to conceive.

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