Check your breasts regularly with Breast Cancer Now app

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which took place in October, is now over, but the sad fact is that more than 4,000 British women will have received the devastating news that they have breast cancer in the month alone. That’s around one every 10 minutes.

If every woman regularly checked her breasts we could save 1,500 lives a year. At the moment around half of all women in Britain don’t check on a regular basis. The number one reason? People simply forget.

Breast Cancer Now is making it as easy as possible for women to remember to check with the Breast Check Now app.

Breast Cancer Now’s goal for the app is to get at least 50,000 women to download it in the next 12 months – the same number of women who are currently diagnosed with breast cancer each year in Britain.

The app, available for free from the App Store or Google Play, helps people get into the habit of checking their breasts regularly by setting up a plan that’s simple, easy and fits in with their lifestyle.

Checking your breasts regularly could save your life! So download the app today and visit for more information.

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