Sense Launch ‘Play Toolkits’ for Parents and Play Settings

National disability charity, Sense, has launched brand new ‘Play Toolkits’ aimed at mainstream play settings and parents of children with sensory impairments and multiple needs.

The toolkits, which include a video mini-series and instructional guide, have been created to help make play opportunities inclusive and accessible for all children, and follow the charity’s recent inquiry into play, co-led by Lord Blunkett.

For the past year Sense has been campaigning for greater access to play for disabled children, following its Inquiry into the provision of play opportunities for children aged 0-5 with multiple needs in England and Wales. The Play Inquiry, which was co-chaired by Lord Blunkett, found that disabled children have significantly fewer opportunities to access play settings and activities than their non-disabled peers.

The charity is now campaigning for national and local policy changes to address the inequalities faced by families and children with multiple needs when trying to access play settings.

Play is a vital tool for disabled children, which helps them develop physically, socially and emotionally.

“Play is a vital tool for disabled children, which helps them develop physically, socially and emotionally,” says Steve Rose, Head of Children’s Specialist Services at Sense, “however, during our inquiry, we found parents across the country that were struggling to ensure their young disabled children had access to engaging play opportunities and as a result, children with multiple needs were missing out on the play they need.

The Play report published earlier in the year revealed that 95% of parents of children with multiple needs required support finding ways to play with their children. To help tackle this problem, we’ve produced these fun toolkits, which are packed with tips for developmental games and activities that the whole family can enjoy together.

We hope the Play Toolkits give families the confidence and knowledge to engage in a range of simple and engaging play activities, designed to open up the amazing world of play to children with multiple needs.”

Play toolkits and video mini-series can be downloaded here. And you can click on the video below to see the original Play report video.

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