Review of Innermost Protein

I’ve been trying out Innermost’s latest range of protein shakes. They promise a lot, just take a look at the official blurb:

“More people than ever recognise the benefits of good nutrition. When it comes to nutritional supplements, we believe the new generation of consumers want something better – functional products containing amazing natural ingredients without the jargon. Furthermore, we believe that being active and healthy leads to a happier and more confident you, and Innermost are committed to being a part of that journey.”

So do they live up to their promise? And will Innermost help with your 2017 fitness journey? Read on to find out how I got on.

Range of blends

I was given 4 blends to try, with each blend developed to support different lifestyle goals:

  • Strong – designed for maximising strength and muscle gains
  • Fit – supports rehydration, recovery and restores electrolytes whilst preserving and developing lean muscle
  • Health – is a vegan superfood protein shake designed to defend
  • Lean – is a superfood protein shake designed for toning

What I value most about Innermost is that it produces research-based beverage boosters and blends based on actual evidence. Each ingredient is selected in a functional way and contains the precise combination of protein, superfoods and nutrients resulting in a naturally nutritious beverage with absolutely no artificial flavours or colours.

How it looks

The packaging really stood out to me as unique, clear and simple. As a woman, I am often confused for choice when it comes to protein shakes – all blasted with words like MUSCLE MILK, PRO FUSION, COMBAT, ASSAULT,  MAX, BULK and featuring body builders covered oil, bursting out of their overly tight gym gear. When it comes to choosing a protein shake, in a heavily saturated market, I need the packaging to be clear, not complicated.

Innermost displays plainly on the front which blend it is (e.g. the strong one) what it is (creamy vanilla superfood protein blend), and what it does (nourish); that’s all I need to know at first glance. On the back is a list of ingredients, features and suggestions on how to use the powder.

I appreciate that it recommends adding it to a smoothie, something I haven’t tried before and turns your average shake into a healthy juice mix.  Not only this, the branding itself is subtle, trendy and sophisticated. It stands out without over-emphasising body image, which is something quite special and exclusive to the brand.

How it tastes

After trying, and disliking the taste and texture of previous protein shakes I was apprehensive about trying Innermost. I took a smaller serving than usual, 20g rather than the 40g serving suggestion, and mixed with 300ml of skimmed milk.

Although I was given an Innermost shaker to try (which itself is just as trendy as the packaging and petite in size so that it fit with ease into my gym/handbag) I used my blender, to ensure the mixture was as smooth as possible. I was pleasantly surprised, the powder combined well to create a silky, milky and rather tasty drink. The vanilla bean flavour gives it a rich, naturally sweet flavour other ‘sugar-free’ protein shakes lack.  I sipped the shake, rather than forcing myself to gulp it down, and found that by the end of the glass I could happily drink more.

Having consumed the nutrients, superfood, vitamins and antioxidants I need for muscle strength and gains, as well as increasing energy, in less than 150 Kcals Innermost gets two thumbs up from me.

Also, check out Innermost’s fantastic blog; with recipes, workouts and playlists.


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Range of blends
How it looks
How it tastes

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