Smile like you mean it. Review of Diamond Whites Black Edition tooth polish

Teeth whitening is one of the holy grails. So many products to choose from, so many that do not work. And it seems the only way still may be to fork over a wad of cash to your dentist to get it done properly.

I’ve been trying out charcoal tooth polish by Diamond Whites. Black Edition is made from 100% activated coconut shell charcoal. And while it may be removing toxins and harmful bacteria, as claimed, it hasn’t made my smile any whiter.

In fact, the product has caused more mess than I’d expected, with black splatter all over the sink and even a little on the walls. I’ve never experienced this with toothpaste, but perhaps black powder is a little more noticeable!

I must point out that the website does state results will vary person to person. This is entirely fair, as some people’s genetics will predispose them to white smiles, or teeth that can be made whiter more easily.

So, either I have bad genes in this area (23andMe doesn’t report on this, yet, I’m afraid) or the product just didn’t do what it said on the tin.

But don’t take my word for it. You can try it out yourself for £16.99 a pot at

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